9 reasons why Christians love Chick-Fil-A

Chick Fila has become part of the southern culture. Much like In and Out burger is a must stop on the west coast. It has also become very popular among the Christian community for its stance on social issues and what day it is closed. Here are 9 that stick out like the pickle on a Chick Fila sandwich.

#1 is the Classic Chicken Sandwich. They really did invent it.



2. Two Words. Waffle. Fries.

Best fries ever. Cooked in peanut oil and always hot. These have to be what manna looked and taste like.





This non 100% dairy treat is the prefect way to end a meal at CF. If you go crazy and get it in a cup with Hersey’s choclate on it, make sure they put some on the bottom first! Oh, if youyr kid doesnt want the toy in the kids meal, they will trade an unopened one for a small cone.


4. Soundproof (almost) playground

Many a parent have taken refuge in these indoor jungle gyms. They are always cleaner than any other fast food joints.



5. Chick Fila Cows

There is no clown or king that is more associated and endearing than the chick fila cows. Crazy to think that cows have been used to sell chicken since 1995.


6. Dress like a cow, get free chicken

Did I mention how popular the cows are? Once a year people dress up as the cows to get a free Chick Fila meal.


7. Free meals for a year.

Every time a new store is opened, the first 100 people through the doors on the first day are awarded one free meal per week for a whole year. This has resulted in a campground atmosphere as people start to line up days in advance sleeping in tents and RVs.


8. Taking a stand for traditional values.

In 2012, Chick Fila founder Truett Cathy spoke out in support traditional marriage. The media storm that followed resulted in a grass roots effort to hold a Chick Fila Appreciation Day. The trun out was impressive and profitable. It also showed the huge divide on this controvesial issue.


9. Closed on Sundays

While we admire it, we also hate it too. I cant be the only one that took an exit on a road trip, heart set on a golden fried filet of deliciousness only to have it ripped out when you pull in and realize they are closed beacuse its Sunday!